Dachshunds take over the world (of fashion)

Why dachshunds?

We don’t really know. Perhaps some of dachshunds humble owners, Napoleon, Albert Einstein or Andy Warhol, could help us answer this question. Perhaps there is no right answer. Perhaps it is simply the fact that dachshunds just have that special „je ne sais quois” about them. Once someone invites a dachshund to enter their home, they will soon dream of having a second one and immediately buy a double leash. A leash that will in time prove to be completely useless as no respectable dachshund will walk around all tied up.

The list of people who have had their hearts stolen by this unique breed is filled with beautiful women (Brigitte Bardot), actresses (Audrey Hepburn), celebrities (Ashley Olsen, Rosie Huntington Whiteley) rockstars (David Bowie, George Harrison), politicians (JFK), artists (Pablo Picasso) and even members of royalty (the Danish Royal Family).



Based on this photographic evidence one could easily come to the following conclusion: dachshunds and the world of fashion have, for years, been intertwined with each other. Why? Because they’re a timeless classic.

While researching the subject of this article, we have discovered a significant fact: in 2008 the German press were wringing their hands over the rapid decrease of interest in dachshunds, so much so that „Die Welt” even prophesied a glooming end to this breed of dogs. Interest in dachshunds was said to give way to small breeds popularised by the media: wests, beagles and Jack Russell terriers which started popping up in numerous advertisements: „handbag dogs” heavily promoted by celebrities. A mass overflow of photographs of the rich and famous with their chihuahuas, malteses and shi tzus. The only light at the end of the tunnel of dachshund extinction seemed to be the voice of the German canine association’s chairman. As one of very few, he couldn’t bear the thought of one of Germany’s oldest and most iconic, if not cult-like, breeds dissapearing into thin air. Only time would show that German dogs, alike German automobiles, are simply failproof – to this day dachshunds are alive and well.
A couple of years later, in 2016, the international media have completely changed their direction on the subject: Australian sources started lighting-up with charts proving a rapid increase in popularity of the German breed in Australia and Great Britain. The media have linked this swift change in dachshund popularity to Instagram influencers who simply got bored of the (at the time) fashionable teacup breeds. So much so that the breeders couldn’t keep up with the high demand for dachshund puppies. 2016 has been announced „The Year of the Dachshund”. Because these dogs are so much more than just a celebrity’s accessory.

They ARE the celebrities. And not those of the mainstream kind.

The most popular pair of Germany’s canine influencers, Harlow and Sage – a Weimaraner + a dachshund, have gathered a steady 1.6 million followers on Instagram. The second most popular account on the platform, Crusoe_Dachshund has close to (no biggie) 600 thousands followers.

2016 has also been the year that marked the debut of Hector the dachshund, whose owner is none other than New York based fashion designer – Thom Browne. Hector was one of the most important attractions of the New York Fashion Week, soon to become an Instagram and real life celebrity as one of Thom Browne’s muses for his upcoming collections. He’s been featured both in Vogue as well as The New York Times; Hector-shaped bags became the new „statement bags”; AdditionallyThom and Hector signed accessories for dogs have been introduced.

It is, therefore, safe to say dachshunds are very in right now.

In the world of fashion Thom Browne isn’t the only one who has had his heart stolen by long dogs.

In Naples of the early 1990. Harmont&Blaine, a company bearing a dachshund in their logo entered the market. Pitti Uomo of 2015 and 2016 witnessed bold statements from this company, most visible in the field of ambient marketing, conducted not so much during the fairs themselves but more so in the streets of Florence. Pictures of men with dachshunds have circled the online globe and a question seemed to linger on everybody’s lips – what is up with these dogs? Dachshunds have caused a real media frenzy.

The founder of Harmont&Blaine has been endlessly asked the following question: „Why a dachshund?”. „It’s a small dog. To most, reminiscent of England but in fact originating from Germany; a dog that seems rather slow but is actually very muscular; one that is seemingly not very bright but knows exactly how to use his intelligence. We found it to be a perfect symbol for our company” – was his answer. Exactly. Dachshunds are ambiguous.

Exactly. Dachshunds are ambiguous.

This is, perhaps, exactly why the great minds of Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol have all chosen these dogs over all other breeds.

During the 1972 Olympic Games a tradition of choosing and creating a mascot for the games has been initiated. It goes without saying that the first mascot in sport history was, of course, a dachshund. A coincidence? According to its creators, choosing the dachshund was no such thing. The German breed was supposed to embody „the typical sportsman’s qualities: stubbornness, resistance, agility and endurance”. The dachshund was also chosen as the mascot of the Japanese soccer team. For years the live embodiment of the mascot was Rommel Teshima, a long-haired representative of the breed. The legend goes that the team never lost a game on a field that had been blessed with Rommel’s short paws. After eighteen consecutive victories, the first defeat – in 2007 – arrived at exactly the moment when Rommel deservedly retired. The founders of Hermont&Blaine, whose origins can be traced back to the superstitious city of Naples, are also confident that the dachshund figurine has brought them luck. That is why they chose to place it on the official company logo.

The founders of Hermont&Blaine, whose origins can be traced back to the superstitious city of Naples, are also confident that the dachshund figurine has brought them luck. That is why they chose to place it on the official company logo.

Or perhaps the dachshund was simply chosen because of his exceptionally shapely silhouette which is an aesthetically pleasing graphic motif in itself?

Because dachshunds are simply pretty.

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